A beautiful collection of natural and organic Aura Sprays combining the therapeutic benefits of pure essential oils and the healing properties of gemstones. Free of synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates, artificial colours, and free of ingredients of animal origin.

  • Glass atomiser bottle
  • Certified organic grain alcohol by The Soil Association
  • Size 50ml
  • Made in England

Three wonderful and unique varieties available:


AROMA - A balancing, subtle scent with with its' unmistakable rosy floral scent mingled with uplifting top notes. A pretty blend of indulgent rose absolute, geranium and bergamot essential oils.

BENEFITS - Infused with gorgeous soft pink gemstones of rose quartz, known for their ability to attract unconditional love and compassion. This balancing blend will help enhance your wellbeing when you are feeling emotionally low.



AROMA - A fortifying citrus scent with sparkling top notes of grapefruit and subtle herbaceous layers of rosemary essential oils will help freshen your space.

BENEFITS - Infused with green moss agate to refresh the soul, the therapeutic properties of this fortifying and zesty fragrance will help release stress, stimulate your mind and sharpen all your senses.



AROMA - An invigorating radiant fragrance with piercing fresh notes of lime and ginger essential oils.

BENEFITS - Infused with bright, sunny citrine crystals, this renewing scent will help wake your tired mind and increase your energy levels.

Aura Sprays with Crystals Wild Planet

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