A cost effective way of enjoying the benefits of aromatherapy our addictive wax melts are simple to use with long lasting aromas.  These gorgeous melts also make wonderful gifts.

4 Wax melts in each box - each melt lasts minimum of 4 hours. 



AROMA -  With woody notes and mossy undertones, the familiar scent of woodland foliage and forest floors, appealing to both women and men.  With juniper needle, American cedarwood and Canadian black spruce with hints of Siberian fir and eucalyptus.

BENEFITS - A grounding and soothing scent to help you de-stress and the perfect antidote to busy lives. Breathing in this fragrance will remind you of the peace and tranquility of walking through a forest and help you connect more easily to nature. 



AROMA - There are certain fragrances that put an extra spring in your step and this uplifting, fresh and very juicy scent is one of them with mandarin, lime and rosemary essential oils.

BENEFITS- This zesty aromatherapy blend with its' gorgeous sparkling scent will infuse your day with bright, lasting energy and help keep you focused.



AROMA - A deliciously cosy, sweet smelling, log fire aroma. A fragrance made for autumn nights, blended with tangy orange, clove bud and cedarwood essential oils.

BENEFITS - With its' soft, enticing scent it's easy to snuggle down with this warming aroma that will bring comfort and help banish those chilly days and dark nights.



AROMA - With a dry spicy aroma from the crushed peppercorns with a fresh yet earthy base. This fragrance appeals to both men and women, not too overpowering and with a subtle lingering freshness. A fortifying blend of black pepper, lemongrass and patchouli essential oils.

BENEFITS - Choose this stimulating scent to invigorate your senses and feel more enlivened.



AROMA - The strengthening, earthy richness mingled with masculine woody notes on a heady base could be too much for some, but for those of you who are drawn to dusty old leather bound books, filled pipes of tobacco leaves with a whiff of the exotic and the heady days of the 60s, we are sure you will become a fan. A musky blend of vetiver, patchouli and cedarwood essential oils.

BENEFITS - This captivating aroma will strengthen, enrich and comfort like a big warm hug and help keep you grounded.


Free of synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates, artificial colours, cruelty free and vegan* *No ingredient of animal origin.

  • Non-GM sustainably sourced soy wax
  • Box of 6 Wax Melts | Each melts lasts a minimum of 4 hours
  • Black box made from recycled paper + card
  • Made in England


Our vegan luxury Wax Melts are for use in oil burners as an alternative to mixing oils and water. They are clean, easy and long lasting and are the perfect way to spread beautiful aromatherapy fragrance all throughout your home.

Read through and follow the Safety/Usage instructions provided with the tea lights, wax melter/warmer or oil burner. You can also use an electric warmer approved for wax melts. Do not add any water or oil and use an unscented tea light. Do not leave unattended while in use. When the fragrance has been used, allow wax to cool and harden, remove from the warmer bowl and dispose of responsibly. DO NOT WASH OR DISPOSE SPENT WAX DOWN THE DRAIN.

We only use the highest quality, pure essential oils which ensure when you use a Wild Planet Aromatherapy melt, even in a large room, you can quickly appreciate their amazing scents. No harsh, back of the throat smells, only beautiful, elegant and balanced essential oil fragrances.

Our Natural Wax Melts are packaged in tissue paper and a premium, black  box with lift off lid, manufactured from recycled paper and strong cardboard. We ensure all our packaging is able to be recycled again.

Hand poured with non-toxic, natural soy wax, free from pesticides, herbicides and GM material with natural cotton wicks. Hand pouring means that you may notice subtle variations in the appearance of the wax, making each Wax Melt delightfully unique.


Wax Melts Wild Planet

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