Nature's Wish has created original combinations of natural ingredients in their range of energy sprays to help achieve clarity, relaxation and stimulation. They harness flower and crystal essences, essential oils and floral waters to benefit the mind, body and spirit.


A stimulating blend perfect for focusing the mind and clearing your head, particularly in the morning, during study time or while at work. Brings focus and stills mental chatter with an uplifting and clearing blend of essential oils. It helps shift mind fog and rebalances your aura.

FLOWER ESSENCES: Daisy and white chestnut.

CRYSTAL ESSENCE: Black tourmaline.

ESSENTIAL OILS: Peppermint, black pepper, palmarosa and bergamot.

FLORAL WATER: Peppermint.



A relaxing blend to provide a feeling of calm in times of stress. Helps to centre and rebalance the mind and body. Aids connection of thoughts and information with patience and sensitivity. This relaxing spray rebalances and revitalises your aura energy, bringing light and calm to an anxious mind.

FLOWER ESSENCES: Daisy, impatiens, lavender and walnut.

ESSENTIAL OILS: Neroli, mandarin and rose otto.

FLORAL WATER: Orange blossom.



A soothing blend to help calm when you are feeling overwhelmed or under pressure. Provides grounding and protection, allowing you to feel strong and safe, giving your aura energy a sense of inner peace.

FLOWER ESSENCES: Angel’s trumpet, daisy and walnut.

ESSENTIAL OILS: Palmarosa, rose otto and grapefruit.

FLORAL WATER: Rose Bulgarian.

Energy Spray 100ml Nature's Wish

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