Amphora Aromatics liquid soap is a gorgeous cleansing product for the hands made with pure essential oils and other natural extracts. The fantastic range of new liquid soaps from Amphora Aromatics have been in development for two years so we could ensure that they are of the highest possible quality. They are enriched with coconut oil, glycerin and essential oils to help cleanse and care, but without drying out the skin. Suitable for Vegans.


Cinnamon and Spearmint

Cinnamon has historically been used to help fight infection, whilst refreshing Spearmint helps to purify and refresh the skin. Spearmint adds a smooth and subtle minty hint to the aroma and is another oil with natural cleansing properties. 

Sage and Ylang ylang

The herbacious aroma of Sage combined with the sweet uplifting aroma of Ylang Ylang give this liquid soap its beautiful cheery aroma. Helps to boost low spirits and awaken the senses.

Liquid Soap 250ml Amphora Aromatics

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