A subtle and profound whole-body therapy using light touch, working directly with the body's natural capacity to restore and heal itself. It stimulates the 'rest-and-digest' response in the body, helping to promote a sense of calm, peace and balance that benefits emotional wellbeing and overall health, as well as building underlying energy. CST can help with chronic stress, anxiety, low energy levels, and is a safe approach during pregnancy and particularly after a long and difficult birth for both mother and baby.

Suzi Lister

Taster session - 30 mins - £15

First craniosacral therapy - 75 mins - £70

First mother and baby craniosacral therapy - 90 mins - £70

Low cost first mother and baby craniosacral therapy - 75 mins - £40

Follow up craniosacral therapy - 60 mins - £60

Low cost follow up mother and baby craniosacral therapy - 50 mins - £30