This massage treatment can be worked around the whole gestation and postnatal period, and the body's changes associated with and after pregnancy. The aim is to relieve and prevent symptoms like tense muscles in the back, shoulders & neck, improve circulation, deep breathing & mobility, promote wellbeing and speed postnatal recovery. Pregnancy massage can alleviate stress on the joints, as well as improve skin elasticity and reduce swelling in the hands and ankles.

Sarah Yarwood

Alongside offering pregnancy and postnatal care, Sarah offers a range of other massage treatments. These can be found on the Massage page.

Initial Massage and Bodywork appointment - 75 mins - £65

Follow up Pregnancy Massage - 60 mins - £60

Follow up Pregnancy Massage - 90 mins - £90

Follow up Post Natal Massage - 60 mins - £60

Follow up Post Natal Massage - 90 mins - £90