Aromatherapy Massage 

Following a consultation, a tailored blend of essential oils is made for your individual needs as part of this holistic massage treatment, using swedish massage techniques. Also available as a relaxing therapeutic massage for teens, treating the neck, shoulders and scalp or back and shoulders. A great way to soothe away exam stress.

Gemma Howard

Aromatherapy massage - 90 mins- £75

Aromatherapy massage - 45 mins - £45 

Aromatherapy scalp massage - 25 mins - £28

Aromatherapy back and shoulder massage - 45 mins - £40


Deep Tissue Massage 

This treatment focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue and fascia with the use of slow strokes of the fist, forearm or elbow. It helps to soften hard and tense fibrous tissue, relieve pain, congestion and inflammation, aiding the body to heal. Deep tissue massage helps to get to the root cause of intense or long-standing, chronic pain. 

Sarah Lacey 

Deep tissue massage - 90 mins- £75

Deep tissue massage - 60 mins- £48


Indian Head Massage

A deeply relaxing treatment carried out with the client seated in an upright position. A range of different massage movements are used on the upper back and shoulders, proceeding to the arms and then to the neck, scalp and hair, and finishing with the face and ears.

Sarah Lacey 

Indian head massage - 45 mins- £38


Relaxation Massage

A classic and gently relaxing full body massage to soothe away tension. 

Sarah Lacey 

Relaxation massage - 60 mins- £50

Relaxation massage - 45 mins- £38

Gemma Howard

Relaxation massage - 60 mins- £50

Sarah Yarwood

One-off relaxation massage - 60 mins- £60

One-off head, neck and shoulder massage - 45 mins - £45


Tui Na Massage

Tui na massage is an ancient Chinese practice that helps to get rid of blockages or imbalances that are believed to lead to pain and illness. Tui na uses pushing, pulling, lifting, kneading and rubbing techniques to stimulate your meridians, acupoints, muscles and nerves. 

Nicola Booth-Jones

First acupuncture & tui na - 90 mins - £75

First tui na massage - 90 mins - £75

Follow up acupuncture and tui na - 90 mins - £80

Follow up tui na - 60 mins - £55

Follow up tui na - 90 mins - £80


Lymphatic Drainage Massage 

This treatment uses very light and gentle pumping and stroking techniques to promote circulation of the lymph through the body. This method helps clear lymphatic blockages, reduce oedema, fluid retention and cellulite. By stimulating lymph circulation, it also promotes immunity and detoxification. 

Sarah Lacey 

Lymphatic drainage massage - 75 mins- £58

Lymphatic drainage massage - 60 mins- £48

Lymphatic drainage massage - 45 mins- £38


Swedish Massage 

This approach incorporates varied techniques of soft tissue manipulation, which have been developed over thousands of years. It can be used for relaxation, invigoration, and rehabilitation. It improves suppleness of muscles, increases tissue oxygenation and aids circulation and elimination of toxins. The oils used will nourish the skin, and you can let your worries and anxieties float away as you drift into a state of deep relaxation.

Sarah Lacey 

Swedish massage - 60 mins- £48


Table Thai Massage 

A fully-draped full body treatment that involves rhythmic compressions and stretches along the thai meridians, the sen lines. It is adapted for a massage table and does not usually involve the use of oil.

Sarah Yarwood

One-off Thai massage - 60 mins- £60


Thermal Stone Massage 

This treatment creates deep relaxation. One stroke of a hot stone is equivalent to 10 strokes by hand. Cold stones are also used to help relieve inflammation and pain. Alternate hot and cold stones create vasodilation and vasoconstriction, stimulating blood and lymph flow and encouraging the body's own healing process. 

Sarah Lacey 

Thermal stone massage - 75 mins- £58

Gemma Howard

Hot stones with aromatherapy - 75 mins- £60


Massage & Bodywork

Please start with an initial appointment for 75 minutes with full consultation and treatment. During this session we plan what you need to help bring ease to the system.  Start here for pregnancy massage, postnatal massage, relaxation massage, therapeutic massage, deep tissue and remedial bodywork.

Sarah Yarwood

Initial massage and bodywork appointment - 75 mins - £65

Follow up postnatal massage - 60 mins - £60

Follow up postnatal massage - 90 mins - £90

Follow up myofascial release massage - 90 mins - £90

Follow up therapeutic massage - 60 mins - £60

Follow up deep tissue massage - 60 mins - £60

Follow up deep tissue massage - 90 mins - £90

Follow up preganancy massage - 60 mins - £60

Follow up pregnancy massage - 90 mins - £90

Follow up relaxation massage - 60 mins - £60

Follow up relaxation massage - 90 mins - £90

Follow up 30 min appointment - 30 mins - £30