Sweet Almond Oil - Prunus Dulcis, is an inexpensive and incredibly versatile carrier oil. It is an widely recognised choice for massage therapists due to its ability to stay on the skins surface long enough for massage, aiding the movement of the hands. 

It naturally conditions the skin even when used on its own and it has long been believed to help promote younger looking skin.


It's even better when used in conjunction with essential oils. The almond tree originates from Asia and is now widely found in California and countries around the Mediterranean, such as Spain. The oil is pressed from the kernels of sweet almond fruit and is one of the most popular base oils for use in cosmetics. The oil is rich in beta-sitosterols, alpha-tocopherols, oleic acid and linolenic acid (omega 6), which combine to make a highly beneficial oil for use in skin care products. It's also recognised as being beneficial to the hair and its one of the many active ingredients in our latest hair care range due to its natural conditioning properties that help promote healthier, more manageable hair.

Amphora Aromatics Sweet Almond oil - 250ml

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