Our We Love Lip Balm contains the highest quality, natural and organically grown ingredients. Every lip balm is based on coconut oil and contains vitamins E and C that nourish, soften and protect the lips. The ultimate care for your lips!

Lips are fragile and especially sensitive to weather changes and other external influences. To keep the skin of the lips in the best possible condition, it is important to moisturize them well.

Our natural lip balm is available in three different variants, each with its own effect. This means there is a perfect match for everyone!

Velvet Care - For just that little bit of extra care. Provides well-groomed and nourished lips! The best option for dry or damaged lips; these are extra hydrated by this nourishing lip balm with golden honey aroma.

Velvet Daily - A lip balm especially for sensitive skin. To care for and protect your lips on a daily basis. The most natural solution for the most sensitive skin. Suitable for men and women. The lip balm has a subtle vanilla scent.

Velvet Shine - Hydration, a beautiful shine and care, but completely vegan! Give your lips a vegetable boost with the exotic scent of mango. The mineral mother-of-pearl provides your lips with a subtle shine.

We Love Lip Balm - 5g

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