A non-greasy, antioxidant-rich, facial serum oil that imparts a natural glow. Intensely hydrating, it balances oil production, improves elasticity, and helps to prevent moisture loss. 

Antioxidant rich Yuzu works with soothing Sandalwood to nourish and brighten. This skin brightening serum promotes clear, and healthy looking skin. Amphora Aromatics aromatherapy skincare with drops of pure essential oils. Warm and zesty uplifting aroma. Breath in wellbeing.


Naturally Effective Ingredients:

10% Olive Squalane for skin that feels soft, supple and more elastic. Just like skin’s natural sebum, Squalane can help protect against moisture loss.

1% Bakuchiol – a gentle plant active and natural alternative to Retinol (vitamin A) smoothes and promotes rejuvenation for a more even skin tone. 

Yuzu is extremely high in Vitamin C, it boosts collagen levels, tones and tightens, for an energizing glow. 

Sandalwood with a beautiful warm aroma nourishes the skin, aids the penetration of moisture, and has a soothing effect.


Suitable for all skin types.


Amphora Aromatics Yuzu & Sandalwood Face Serum

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